PIanist & Composer

Catherine Tang (*1999) is a Swiss jazz pianist born to a Serbian mother and Chinese father. Her musical journey originates from a diverse and multifaceted background that spans jazz, contemporary and classical music. As a versatile artist, she has navigated through various musical landscapes, contributing her part to the Swiss jazz scene.

Starting her musical exploration with classical piano at the age of four, Catherine’s path evolved into new directions as she became interested in jazz at the age of 17. Ever since then, her formative years included completing a Bachelor’s and Master's degree in jazz piano at the Jazzcampus, Basel.

During her studies with her professor Michael Beck, she was an active member of the Swiss Jugendjazzorchester and various other ensembles dabbling in improvised music. Nevertheless, the pianist has consistently been drawn to crafting her own musical universe through original compositions: cultivating a unique approach to the piano has become an integral part of her artistic work. Strongly inspired by the world and images around her, the pianist has always found herself captivated by atmospheric textures, innovative improvisation, simple but strong melodies and the willingness to explore unconventional musical pathways.

As a result, Catherine created her own project ASRA in 2022, blending the worlds of modern jazz, electroacoustics and pop moments. The quintet recently achieved a significant milestone with the release of their debut album Nocturnal Journey (published under the German label Xjazz Music) and the release of a vinyl record. The title does not only reflect the nocturnal themes within the compositions but also the metaphorical journey of musical and personal self-discovery and artistic expression. This release initiated the start of a musical path that Catherine is eager to continue exploring.

In addition to her role as a band leader, the pianist also works as an active sidewoman in various projects: from jazz formations (Tabea Kind Trio, Maia Wackernagel Duo) to indie/pop and neo-soul bands, such as Anouchka Gwen and Lost in Lona. These projects have granted her the opportunity to perform at renowned Swiss festivals such as the Montreux Jazz Festival, Offbeat Jazz Festival, Gurtenfestival, Winterthurer Musikfestwochen and many more. Additionally, they crafted a way for her to explore the world of synthesizers and sound design, contributing a modern and experimental touch to her artistic palette.

Catherine is currently pursuing her master’s degree in jazz pedagogy while at the same time pushing the boundaries of her musical expression. Beyond her role as a perfomer, the pianist also shares her passion for music as a piano teacher.